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All classes at MSCA  will use only age-appropriate movement, costumes and music. We feel that this is an integral aspect of teaching young dancers proper dance etiquette and the importance of respecting themselves, one another, instructors, parents and the studio space.  Movements in class, production choreography, and costumes are always tasteful and appropriate for the age group being taught. Main Stage is a safe, positive, and professional environment for students of all ages.  At Main Stage Center for the Arts our focus is on the ability of the individual student. Our goal is to help every dancer attain their highest potential as a dancer and as a person. Each child is important to us and receives the same attention, whether they are enrolled in one class or multiple classes per week.

Mindset of a positive, hard-working attitude within a family oriented studio.

Stellar dance technique in a nurturing professional atmosphere.

Commitment to integrity and passion that extends beyond the classroom.

Artistry with a life-long love of the arts and sense of self-expression.