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The following is a list of rules we expect to be followed by every student. Please read this information carefully to avoid confusion and inconsistencies. Teachers have the right to refuse a student participation in class, if any of the rules are not followed.

Dance is an art that requires discipline, commitment, practice and effort, as well as, passion. In order to keep dance at the level of respect it deserves – technique, attendance, and proper attire are integral elements of our studio. Please help us keep dance an esteemed art by bringing a positive, hardworking and committed attitude to class.

New students are given four weeks to purchase proper dance attire.  Please do not wear dance shoes as street shoes. Students must wear cover-ups over their dance clothes when entering and leaving the studio.  Proper dress code for each class is listed under class descriptions.  Dance wear packages for all our "Star" programs are available for purchase in the office  If you have any questions regarding dress code, please contact us at  

Should classes be cancelled by weather or emergency, you will be notified by email and it will also be posted on this website’s ‘Home’ page. (, face book page, and twitter page. If you wish for your child to make up the class, they may take another class similar in level. Class size depends on enrollment, age, advancement, and instructor’s preference.



  • Make sure your child’s bathroom needs are taken care of BEFORE entering the classroom

  • Please do not talk during class

  • Students must be properly dressed to attend class. A solid color leotard, tights, and appropriate footwear must be worn.

  • Hair must be worn in a bun for all ballet classes and pulled back and tightly secured for all other classes

  • No street shoes in classroom

  • Jewelry is not permitted in any class

  • No Chewing Gum in class

  • Eat in cafeteria

  • Clean up after yourself, and dispose of all trash in garbage cans

  • Unless it is an emergency, please do not detain teachers between classes. Speaking to parents and students between classes makes it impossible to stay on schedule. If you need to speak to a teacher, please leave a message with your phone number at the desk or e-mail us at and the teacher will respond as soon as possible.

  • Please check your email and the message boards in the studio each week for current events and updated information. Also check this website frequently for up-to-the-minute posts.


Children ARE NOT automatically advanced to the next level every year. Technique and theory must be mastered to the teacher’s satisfaction in order to move to a higher level. Cecchetti ballet classes require an exam. Students interested in taking a Cecchetti exam are required to take two ballet classes per week.

Placing students is a very individualized and complex process. Student progress is regularly evaluated in order to provide the best opportunity for learning. We place students in classes where they can simultaneously build self-confidence and feel challenged. One student may respond to the complexities of a more difficult class by working harder, while another may feel frustrated and become discouraged. The faculty bases their class placement decisions on numerous years of dance training and teaching experience as well as their knowledge of each student.

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